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    Introduction of Beijing Jingdong Material Company Company was founded in 1993 as a private enterprise with large scale, mainly trading petrol products, chemical material, metals, steel products, wood, gymnastic and literary merchandise. The current registering capital is 169,380,000RMB.Stuff is composed of 360 persons, 30 persons work for the management. Possess powerful capacity of storing petrol and transporting team. After 10-year ' s hard working, Beijing Jingdong material company has received conformation from Commission of Economy and Trade, now do business of wholesaling and retailing of benzine, kerozine, diesel and other related chemical productions. It possesses Hua Tong petrol-transporting center with 180 all kings of special vehicle, found parking-area. It also has received fourth license from Beijing Traffic bureau for viatic transporting regular or dangerous products. In 2001 Commission of Economy and Trade confirmed Jingdong company as a trading company which has right of independent exporting and importing or being an agent for the above business right of processing raw materials on clients ' demands, doing domestic sales of commodities originally produced for exports and some other forms of business. On April 10 in 2002, Beijing Bureau of Commercial Affairs appraised Jingdong for treasuring contract and reliability. On June 12 in 1999, Branch of Agriculture Bank in Beijing laurelled Jingdong as an enterprise with AAA credit. For the time being, Jingdong material company is a member of circulation callings ' association, and on July 11 in 2002 it received international attesting of quality standard managing system: ISO9001. Our company possesses 6 sites for loading and unloading petrol, it is capable to store 110,000 oleic products. Also it has regular tanks at ports in Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Qindao and some other cities.

    Since China has entered WTO, Jingdong company follows it ' s faith of Credit first, client paramount , guarantees high quality, rational price, punctual transporting and 24-hour service. We will do our utmost to satisfy clients all over the world. Our general manager warmly welcomes your presenting and patronizing! It ' s oleic products has received European standard number 2.

    In 2003 our company received quota for oleic fuel, crude and petrol products. Department of Commercial Affairs confirmed it as an example for it ' s reliability and credit.
    Above messages belong to Beijing Jingdong Supply company.
    Tel: 010-89345521 89345525 89345701 Fax: 010-89345563 Address: South side of 917 bus stop, Dashihe, Pangshan area, Beijing city